Joining Board Meetings

girls lockerWe are always pleased when you take the time to join us! Your interest in TMSA Public Charter Schools and your presence at board meetings are appreciated.

Virtual Participation Only Until Further Notice

Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and until further notice, TMSA and QCSS board meetings are a combination meeting with board members having a choice to attend in person or a live virtual meeting. However, community members can only participate virtually via Zoom.

Zoom links for board meetings are shared with monthly board meeting announcements on the district and school websites as well as our Facebook accounts. You can find the announcements at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time on:

A diligent effort will be made to inform the public about emergency board meetings at least 24 hours before the meetings starts.

Public Comments at Regular Board Meetings

Our board meetings are open to the public. TMSA and QCSS Boards are interested in your concerns and opinions. Your participation is vital for our success.

Public comment section is intended to allow individual community members to address the board on issues of concern, and not intended as a forum for extended conversation or two-way dialogue with the board members. All speakers are limited to up to 3 minutes.

Please fill out the public comment request forms of your board before the meeting starts. You can submit your comments via these forms or sign up to make a live comment virtually.

TMSA Board Meeting Public Comment Request Form
QCSS Board Meeting Public Comment Request Form

The forms will be activated at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time.