Renewing TMSA

Renewing TMSA: New School Logos and Adjustment to Uniform Colors
Posted on 06/09/2022
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Dear TMSA Parents and Guardians,

As you know, we have recently revised our vision, mission, and values statements to become a STEAM school network with a powerful Arts program. We are building a new visual identity that helps us tell all the stakeholders who we are and what we do. Renewing our school logos and adjusting student uniform colors across the district are fundamental parts of this exciting process.

We are pleased to unveil TMSA's new school logos for uniforms:


*TMSA Charlotte: The NC State Board of Education has recently approved the merger of Charlotte's Queen City STEM School with TMSA. The name change will be presented at the next June Board Meeting.

What is the adjustment to the school uniform colors?

All the TMSA schools will gradually transition to the school uniform colors below.

TMSA Elementary School Uniform Colors:
1. Solid Burgundy Top with New TMSA School Logo,
2. Solid Navy Bottoms.

TMSA Middle School Uniform Colors:
1. Solid Light-Blue Top with New TMSA School Logo,
2. Solid Navy Bottoms.

TMSA High School Uniform Colors:
1. Solid Black Top with New TMSA School Logo,
2. Solid Khaki Bottoms.

*You can see the mockup uniform images at the end of the page. Please also note that TMSA Student & Parent Handbook 2022-2023 will be updated accordingly.

Will there be a grace period for using existing uniforms and logos?

Yes! There will be a 2-year grace period and students will be able to use the existing uniforms and existing logos during this time until the end of May 2024. All the schools will have to complete the transition fully by the beginning of August 2024. New students or students that have outgrown their uniforms are encouraged to buy their uniforms in new colors with new school logos.

What About TMSA Apex?

We previously announced that students who will transfer from Triangle to TMSA Apex will be allowed to wear the existing uniforms and logos for one year. The grace period is now 2 years for these students, too.

All the other new students of TMSA Apex are encouraged to buy their uniforms in new colors with new logo.

What About Queen City STEM School?

As you know, QCSS has recently joined the TMSA family and we are looking forward to welcoming our newest member as The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte - TMSA Charlotte! The name change will be presented to the Board in June. The 2-year grace period will also be valid for the existing QCSS uniforms and existing logos until May 2024.

Where can we buy new uniforms and logos?

The TMSA schools have their own vendors. You can access their info on the school websites. If you are having a problem accessing this info, please contact your school.

Can we buy uniform tops and bottoms somewhere else and attach the new logos later?

Yes, as long as your tops and bottoms are acceptable.

Do we have to get the logo embroidered on the tops?

Embroidery, screen printing, or flock printing are all acceptable as long as logos retain their vivid colors and look presentable. Please note that embroidery is long-lasting and more durable. It may cost more than traditional printing, however, the longevity makes it cost-effective.

You can see the mockup uniform images below.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

TMSA Public Charter Schools


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