TMSA and QCSS Merger: Welcome Home, QCSS!

TMSA and QCSS Merger: Welcome Home, QCSS!
Posted on 06/07/2022
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Cary, NC - The North Carolina State Board of Education approved the merger of Charlotte’s K-12 Queen City STEM School (QCSS) with TMSA Public Charter Schools (TMSA) in the June board meeting.

“I applaud the TMSA organization for their innovative approach to assure accountability and efficiency in the academic, financial, and governance operations of their schools,” said Director of Office of Charter Schools Dave Machado in his congratulatory message.

“Joining TMSA will increase our capabilities to a higher level,” said QCSS Board President Fahrudin Mekic. “It will further solidify our operational structure and create more opportunities for our students and teachers,” he added.

QCSS was founded in 2015 on the TMSA’s educational philosophy of Science, Wisdom, and Peace. Since its establishment, it has received educational management services from TMSA’s Central Office.

“Welcome home,” said TMSA Board President Dr. Terrence W. Thomas. “QCSS has always been a part of TMSA, and I am glad that we have made this official.”

The two school boards decided to pursue a merger earlier this year after a report by a joint task force recommended the merger. The Boards submitted their request to the State Board of Education for approval in March.

“The merger will improve the learning experiences of QCSS students and increase opportunities to share best practices across TMSA,” said TMSA Superintendent Ben Karaduman. “It will also help us be more effective and efficient in using human resources and public funds.”

There are currently 797 students attending QCSS from kindergarten through 12th grade. The school is expected to fully consolidate into TMSA at the next board meeting later in June.

TMSA is North Carolina’s growing network of high-achieving public charter schools focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics). It serves more than 2,000 students in two K-12 schools, Triad Math and Science Academy in Greensboro (TMSA Triad) and Triangle Math and Science Academy (TMSA Triangle) in Cary. The Math and Science Academy of Apex (TMSA Apex) will open its doors in Fall 2022 for K-5 on a brand new campus and serve 600 students.

The merger will allow TMSA to increase its footprint in the state, bringing its highly-demanded STEAM education to students in Charlotte’s metropolitan area. TMSA Triangle and TMSA Apex have more than 5,000 students waitlisted for the next academic year.

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