Synchronous Distance Learning at TMSA

Synchronous Distance Learning at TMSA
Posted on 03/30/2020
Good Afternoon TMSA & QCSS Parents and Guardians,

We had a terrific start to our Synchronous Distance Learning sessions today after enjoying a one-week break during this stressful pandemic. I personally attended more than a dozen classes from each school this morning and am very impressed with the quality of the instruction along with the enthusiasm of our students. I assure you that every member of our team is working diligently to provide the best possible instruction in this digital environment for our students in order to surpass the required standards.

I understand that this transition to Synchronous Distance Learning is new for everyone and there are going to be some bumps during the initial steps of the process. I am asking everyone to be very flexible and remain patient with one another including students, teachers and parents during this time. We know that every age group has different challenges and requires certain strategies that address their needs. With the help of constructive feedback from our stakeholders, I believe that we will overcome any obstacles and get comfortable with a routine for all grade levels in a very short amount of time. Please communicate with your teachers and school leader in case you face any problems or have any questions. You can also reach out to our help team through your school website anytime regarding your distance learning questions or concerns.

The NC State Board of Education has taken some actions against COVID-19 last Friday and we are expecting more announcements from the NC General assembly this week regarding Federal testing and accountability, student teaching and other waiver issues, school calendar flexibility and alternatives and potential instructional direction for the balance of the year. We will be communicating all changes made to our policies and procedures for the rest of the year after our next Board Meeting which will take place next Saturday, on April 4, 2020.

Until then, please be safe and remain in good health.

Warm regards,
Ben Karaduman, Superintendent
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