A TMSA student is on her way to Harvard

A TMSA student is on her way to Harvard
Posted on 05/12/2023
A TMSA student is on her way to HarvardAs TMSA Public Charter Schools, a network of high-performing nonprofit public charter schools focusing on STEAM education in North Carolina, we proudly announce that one of our students, Aghader Yassen, has been accepted into Harvard University with a full ride scholarship, marking a historic first for the TMSA school network. Aghader's scholarship, valued at approximately $400,000, covers tuition, dormitory, meal, and book costs for her four-year undergraduate education at Harvard.

Since its establishment in 2008, TMSA has grown from Greensboro into a network of six campuses, serving over 4,000 students and boasting more than 6,500 students on its waitlist. In addition to Aghader's acceptance into Harvard, TMSA Triad has seen its students gain admittance to prestigious universities such as Stanford, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, and Georgia Tech. As a Title I school, TMSA Triad has shown remarkable progress, with a 93.4% growth rate last year, and was rewarded by NCDPI with the “Exceeded Academic Growth Award.” “We are very proud of TMSA Learning Community, as they modeled closing the pandemic-based learning loss at its best!” stated TMSA Schools Superintendent, Mr. Karaduman.

TMSA Triad Principal, Mr. Kandil, in a recent memo to families and staff, expressed gratitude and pride in Aghader's accomplishment, stating, "Her hard work and commitment will be our lighthouse for all our students." He emphasized the importance of TMSA's college prep focus and the school's promise to provide opportunities, resources, and motivation for all TMSA students. “ I think it’s really important for people to push themselves, get out of their comfort zone, and take risks. The TMSA community helped me find opportunities that are allowing me to succeed in the risks I take.” Aghader added. This landmark achievement for Aghader Yassen and the TMSA community demonstrates the transformative impact of the school network's innovative STEAM education model on its students, who continue to excel and break barriers in academia.

TMSA is a network of nonprofit public charter schools in North Carolina that focuses on providing high-quality, tuition-free STEAM education to K-12 students. TMSA's education model is centered on Excellence in STEAM, Whole-Child Focus, and Inclusive Community, preparing students for academic and professional success in the 21st century.
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