tmsa Thank you for your interest in TMSA Public Charter Schools!

We are deeply invested in the success and wellbeing of our students.

Visiting our schools is a great way to get a true sense of the culture, curriculum, and student life at TMSA Public Charter Schools. Our passionate faculty and dedicated administration team help you explore our schools firsthand before you make your final decision. We look forward to welcoming you to our schools.

We do not discriminate against students on the basis of sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, disability, academic, artistic, athletic ability. TMSA Public Charter Schools are open enrollment schools and admit any child who qualifies to attend a public school in North Carolina regardless of the school district the child resides in the state.


New families are required to submit an initial application for their school of choice due to the limited spots available in our schools.

Apply to Triad Math and Science Academy (K-5) in Greensboro, NC,
Apply to Triad Math and Science Academy (6-12) in Greensboro, NC,

Apply to Triangle Math and Science Academy (K-8) in Cary, NC,
Apply to Triangle Math and Science Academy (9-12) in Apex, NC,

Apply to Queen City STEM School (K-12) in Charlotte, NC,

Apply to The Math and Science Academy of Apex (K-5) in Apex, NC.

Please note that the initial application is for new families only. Current students at TMSA Public Charter Schools do not have to go through the initial enrollment proceedings. Current families wishing to re-enroll are given “Intent to Return Form” to complete and return to the schools every year in the school’s stated time frame.

TMSA Public Charter Schools accept applications year-round. However, due to the high demand for our schools, we recommend new families to apply for TMSA Public Charter Schools between December and mid-February for the upcoming school year.


TMSA Public Charter Schools receive hundreds of applications every year beyond the number of seats available at any grade level. We conduct a lottery in every February to fill the seats in a fair and equitable way. Our lottery is publicly undertaken and may be attended by any member of the public.

We randomly select names or numbers through computer software. Once all available seats are filled, a waitlist will be established by listing the students in the order drawn. Multiple birth siblings (twins, triplets) enter the lottery as one name, and they are all admitted upon selection. Late applications after the scheduled lottery will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist. Schools may apply a weighted lottery to serve disadvantaged communities better.

TMSA Public Charter Schools give enrollment priority to qualified applicants to fill the available seats ahead of applicants without priority status. The eligible applicants, in the order listed, are:

1) children of employees and governing board members (by law, these students cannot amount to more than 15% of the school’s total enrollment), and,
2) siblings of enrolled students (by law, sibling includes half-siblings, step-siblings, and children residing in a family foster home).

The lottery results are emailed to the winning applicants. If selected, parents will have a period to determine whether to accept or decline the offer.


Applicants who receive a seat at TMSA Public Charter Schools will need to complete the necessary forms to enroll within the specified time determined by the school. If the applicant does not notify the school of its acceptance of admission on time, the applicant will be deemed to have declined admission, and the first child on the waitlist will be offered admission.

Each school might require additional documents to submit. If you do not have the items needed to complete the enrollment process immediately available, such as EOG test results or kindergarten physical exam, you can bring them at a later time. Please consult your school for more detail.


Be prepared for a challenging academic life in a supportive and nurturing learning environment! Make sure to complete “Intent to Return Form” each year to keep your seat at TMSA!