TMSA for Tomorrow

TMSA has brought a dynamic of change to the quality of education in North Carolina and raised the bar of high-quality and public STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education since 2008. We have always reassessed ourselves to serve our students and support our parents and community more effectively.

In July 2021, the TMSA Board of Directors started work with Setser Group, a future of learning and work consulting firm, to define TMSA's next chapter. We have set out to form a strategic positioning platform to lead us into the future.

TMSA's Strategic Positioning Platform: A Dynamic Process

TMSA's strategic positioning is an ongoing and responsive process. It will continue to be iterated upon and updated over time.

We want the platform to be an opportunity for all the stakeholders to coalesce around a shared vision and produces a dynamic plan reflective of the needs of the communities we serve.

To set our forward course, we have tried to bring our stakeholders together and examined current realities, strengths, weaknesses of TMSA along with opportunities and the resources available to define our vision for the future.

So far, we have completed:

  • Internal data and document review (academic data analysis, KPIs, past surveys, end-of-year evaluations, performance standards, accreditation reports, etc.),
  • 18 key internal stakeholder interviews (Board members and staff representing TMSA's Central Office and all TMSA schools),
  • Multiple synthesis meetings with leadership and board representatives,
  • Digital feedback received during and after 90-min all-staff session for the draft platform,
  • Four 90-min parent and student focus group sessions to further deepen understanding of strategic platform nuances and narrative,
  • NC and national trend data and methodology scan for analysis and alignment to be first-in-class STEAM schools

TMSA: Full STEAM Ahead!

After months of collaboration and hard work, TMSA has decided to empower the Arts at TMSA and integrate it into our rigorous STEM curriculum. As a network of schools of Science, Wisdom, and Peace, TMSA always incorporated the Arts into its educational program in various forms. With this new STEAM framework, we commit ourselves to a STEM education empowered with a more structured Arts program so that students can leverage both hard and soft skills to solve the problems of today's world.

We have revised our new mission, vision, values statements in accordance with this new STEAM framework and determined The TMSA Advantage that summarizes the core of TMSA's education model.

Please make sure to visit Mission, Vision and Values along with TMSA's Big Goal and Key Priorities.

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