TMSA Central Office


 Name   Position  Email
Ben Karaduman Superintendent [email protected]
Eray Idil Deputy Superintendent [email protected]
Mussarut Jabeen Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment [email protected]
Ryan Smith Assistant to Superintendent [email protected]
Tuncay Celik Senior Finance Manager t[email protected]
Mr. Aiden IT Director email
Davut Bozkurt HR Manager [email protected]  
Leanna Morrell-Camara Purchasing Coordinator [email protected]
Erin Frye Joyce District Project Coordinator [email protected]
Robert Belardinelli Facilities Coordinator [email protected]
  Payroll Coordinator
Shamela Flowers-Harrison District EC Coordinator [email protected]
Kirsten Kaniaru  HR Specialist [email protected]
Hoa Bui  Accounts Payable Coordinator [email protected]
Mehdi Mustafa PR & Communications Coordinator [email protected]
Maivan Huynh Accounting Data Entry Support [email protected]
Adam Alden TMSA Apex Project Manager [email protected]