Full STEAM Ahead!

Full STEAM Ahead! TMSA's New Mission, Vision, Values, and The TMSA Advantage
Posted on 02/08/2022
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Dear TMSA Community,

TMSA Public Charter Schools is proud to announce its new mission, vision, core values, and "The TMSA Advantage," reflecting an educational philosophy embedded in Science, Wisdom, and Peace.

For more than a decade, TMSA has brought a dynamic of change to the quality of education in North Carolina and raised the bar of high-quality and public STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. We have always reassessed ourselves to serve our students and support our parents and community more effectively.

In July 2021, the TMSA Board of Directors started work with Setser Group, a future of learning and work consulting firm, to define TMSA's next chapter. We have set out to form a strategic positioning platform to lead us into the future.

After months of collaboration between the parents, staff, students, and external stakeholders, we have decided to empower the Arts at TMSA and integrate it into our rigorous STEM curriculum. With this new STEAM framework, we have taken the first and most crucial step and revised our mission, vision, values statements along with The TMSA Advantage that summarizes the core of TMSA's education model and what sets us apart.

We are proud to announce our new mission, vision, values statements, and The TMSA Advantage as follows:

TMSA Mission:

Through STEAM-focused academics, character education, social-emotional ´╗┐ ´╗┐learning, and strong family support, TMSA prepares students to succeed in careers and thrive as leaders in our diverse and technology-based society.

TMSA Vision:

As a premier provider of STEAM education in North Carolina, TMSA educates the next generation of leaders to succeed in careers and contribute positively to their communities and the world.

TMSA Values:

Inclusion: We seek to understand and value diverse perspectives, treat others with dignity and respect, and collaborate to find solutions that benefit and are equitable to all.

Creativity: We learn, imagine, question, and explore the world with open minds. We are comfortable with ambiguity.

Integrity: We are honest, take full ownership over our actions and choices, and have the courage to do the right thing.

Leadership: Students are empowered to be proactive leaders in our schools and communities, making meaningful choices and developing independence.

Empathy: We are compassionate and kind, respecting and nurturing the well-being of all individuals.

The TMSA Advantage:

Excellence in STEAM: With a focus on science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math, TMSA graduates are prepared to solve the challenges of tomorrow and to succeed on any path they choose -- in college, careers, and life.

Whole Child Focus: Alongside rigorous academics, TMSA creates well-rounded human beings through character education, social-emotional learning, ethics, and athletics.

Inclusive Community: We celebrate our schools' diversity as a strength, ensuring all are welcome, included, and feel safe to maximize their potential and shape a better world.

We are currently working on finalizing "Big Goal and Key Priorities" for the next three years, which will significantly impact student outcomes in line with our new mission, vision, and values statements.

Thank you for your continued support of TMSA.

TMSA Public Charter Schools

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