Charge Up Your EV, Support Robotics!

Charge Up Your EV at TMSA and Support Our Robotics Teams!
Posted on 11/15/2021
11 15 charging stations small

TMSA recently completed the installation of two EV charging stations on two campuses!

The stations are now open and available for public use on Triad's Elementary Campus in Greensboro and Triangle's in Cary.

When you use TMSA's EV charging stations, you will support our commitment to a sustainable future and also our robotics teams!

Each ChargePoint level-2 charger has dual ports and can service two cars at the same time. Typically, an electric vehicle produces 4,815 pounds of CO2-equivalent emissions per year, compared to 11,435 from the average gasoline-powered vehicle.

TMSA embraces environmentally sustainable practices in its operations and academic curriculum. TMSA schools recently finished a successful fundraising campaign for incorporating solar power technology into TMSA's curriculum and building system.

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